Hanoi street food and cuisine that have been high on the hit list of food lovers

Suong Sa Hat luu

Suong Sa Hat Luu is kind of sweet dessert in Hanoi and Vietnam that many people love to eat.
Hanh Muoi - Pickled Onions

Hanh Muoi (Pickled Onions) is one of the indispensable dishes served in Tet Holiday of Vietnam.
Mứt - an indispensable food in Tet

One of the popular Tet food have to mention is "Mứt". There are various kinds of Mứt such as Mứt Dừa (Candied Coconut Ribbons), Mứt Quất (kumquat jam), Mứt Me (Candied Tamarind) and so on.
Dua Cai Chua (Pickled Mustard Greens)

Dua Cai Chua brings the unique feature of Vietnamese cuisine and often is served with salty dishes such as meat stew, fried fish,...
Banh Chung ( Vietnamese Square Cake)

Banh Chung is the most popular and delicious traditional Vietnamese food and irreplaceable cake of Vietnamese people in the Tet Holidays and King Hung’s anniversary
Vietnamese donut

Place to enjoy the cake: “Bánh rán” is a delicious finger food for breakfast in Vietnam. There are two main kinds of bánh rán,...
Banh phu the

In Vietnam,“ Banh Phu The ” is a special cake, which symbolises the loyalty of a husband and wife… The conjugal cake is normally served...

Pho, a typical dish of Hanoi people, has been existing for a long time. Pho is prepared not only in a sophisticated manner but...
Vietnamese rice

In an ordinary meal of Vietnamese people, together with a variety of different dishes, Com or plain boiled rice is an indespensable one, the...
rolled rice pancake

Among other members of the extended noodle family, banh cuon almost ranks first. It is a paper-thin steamed rice flour pancake, much like delicate sheets...